Poupack PMIS, project management information systems, is a web-based software system for collecting and grouping project data and information for the purpose of managing various types of projects, in order to increase productivity and efficiency of the active teams of the project.

Due to the technology acheivments and computerized solutions for various issues, software management of projects has a significant advantage over the traditional style. Poupack PMIS which is project based software makes project management easier and more efficient and shortens project execution duration.

Poupack PMIS has an intelligent core in communicating with all its modules. This feature distinguishes Poupack PMIS from any other management information systems. Any changes made to any elements of the project will be known by the smart core and, in turn, it informs all other associated elements of this change and provides possibility for user to take the necessary action following those changes.

Poupack PMIS beras the following features:

  • Web-based design
  • Maximizing efficiency with application of latest software technology
  • Running on all kind of  servers (Linux, Unix, Windows, FreeBSD) due to its  platform free design
  • Integrating of all sub-systems
  • User friendly and updating information instantly
  • Full consideration of security protocols and prioritization of this issue at the system design time and server settings
  • Preparing different reports for different applications